How to sell on Amazon with Hurdle

About Amazon marketplace

Amazon is the world’s largest marketplace with over 4 billion items sold per year. It gives your brand visibility and is the perfect storefront for entrepreneurs who want to draw in a large crowd.


Selling on Amazon with Hurdle

As an Amazon selling partner, you can reach millions of customers in over 100 countries. Using the Hurdle platform and Amazon, you can easily start selling your own diagnostic products without having to manage any of the complex logistics, regulation & compliance, lab processing, or results yourself, allowing you to focus more time on building your brand and customer acquisition.


There are two options to get started selling diagnostic tests on the Amazon marketplace; Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) or Fulfilled by Hurdle. While the FBA route is simpler to get started and benefits from being Prime eligible, it does come with a higher upfront cost and more liability as you must purchase stock upfront and store it with Amazon. In contrast, Fulfilled by Hurdle has no upfront stock costs, and stock is paid for as it’s ordered.


How Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) works with Hurdle

  1. Place a bulk order for a specific test with Hurdle
  2. Hurdle ships the order direct to Amazon for warehousing
  3. When you make a sale via Amazon, they will pick and ship the order directly to your customer.
  4. When stock in the Amazon warehouse is running low, place another order with Hurdle to replenish inventory to your desired level.


  • Eligible for Prime Delivery
  • No tech integration required
  • Control your own inventory to accommodate peak seasons and spikes in demand
  • Access to Amazon’s FBA dashboard to view sales and distribution metrics in real-time.


  • You must purchase stock up-front before selling it
  • You much purchase stock for each specific test you want to sell
  • Additional costs for creating an FBA account should be considered
  • Boxes require a GTIN (Global Trade Item Number).


How Fulfilled by Hurdle works

  1. Integrate your Amazon selling account with Hurdle’s API (development required – app coming soon)
  2. Once you make a sale on Amazon, the order is passed straight to Hurdle for fulfillment
  3. The order details are updated with shipping information and tracking once the order is dispatched


  • No purchase of stock up-front
  • Can sell hundreds of tests without managing the inventory for each SKU
  • No need to manually manage inventory and order more when low
  • Traceability of individual kits to end-customers
  • Hurdle can auto-register kits at dispatch on behalf of the customer, removing an additional step in the user experience
  • Hurdle’s costs are inclusive of outbound and returns logistics


  • Does not work with Amazon Prime
  • Custom integration work is required



Detailed comparison


  Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) Fulfilled by Hurdle
Stock stored by Amazon Hurdle
Items dispatched by Amazon Hurdle
Shipping by Amazon Hurdle’s preferred partner (ie DHL)
Eligible for Prime Yes No
Requires tech integration No Yes
Upfront commitment Yes No
Manage inventory per test Yes No
Manage stock levels Yes No