Why Hurdle: The Rationale Behind Our New Name

Chronomics is adopting a new name. Going forward, our B2B offerings will fall under Hurdle, a new brand of Chronomics Ltd. and Inc. This is a major step forward for our organization. For some time now we’ve searched for a name and look that fully encapsulates our platform’s capabilities; Hurdle does just that. 

We set out to align our name, look, and message to our products and purpose. This new brand has been a collaborative effort between numerous teams, and we’re tremendously proud of what we’ve put together. I’d like to take a moment to explore our new identity, our rationale for the changes, and what this means for our future. 

The Meaning of Hurdle 

Hurdle – noun. An obstacle that must be overcome. 

First impressions can be tough, and we needed a name that accurately conveyed the core of our business identity. After months of brainstorming, researching, and collecting feedback from our employees, partners, and clients, we settled on our new brand name: Hurdle. 

We believe in overcoming obstacles by unlocking the full power and potential of biology. The essence of our organization is perseverance and finding innovative ways to overcome obstacles to progress. 

Our Mission 

70% of all medical decisions are based on the results of diagnostic testing. It’s a key component for any aspect of health and wellness. We utilize diagnostics for a number of reasons: diagnosing health conditions, determining nutrition, clinical trials, risk assessment, and more. Yet organizations face a number of challenges: outdated analogue systems, high costs, and lack of access to name a few. These obstacles stifle growth, slow down decision-making, and frustrate providers, patients, and payers. 

Our complete bio-infrastructure eliminates these barriers, empowering organizations to get the most out of biologically actionable data. We help organizations overcome obstacles to their success with a modular platform capable of meeting each business’s unique needs. We propel our clients forward, whether they’re a hospital implementing remote health testing, a pharmaceutical organization decentralizing their clinical trials, or a wellness company customizing customer nutrition. 

Hurdle supports organizations from the start of their chosen projects to the very end, giving them everything they need to access and utilize biology to reach their goals. Our proprietary systems are secure, evidence-based, and highly accurate– and built by the leading experts in tech bio. We’re a one-stop solution for any and all diagnostic needs: ship white-labeled kits to your customers, decentralize your clinical trials, create an easy user experience, or add remote testing to your telehealth service offerings to reach more patients. Hurdle’s platform is capable of it all. 

We believe that knowledge and transparency breeds innovation; the insights we provide our clients empower them to reach goals and make decisions that lead to positive business, user, and societal outcomes. By helping our partners overcome the hurdles before them, we drive forward scientific discovery and enterprise growth. 


Every aspect of our brand is designed to convey this mission. From our logo to colors to imagery, we’d like to take this opportunity to give you a look behind the curtain at our new identity and what it represents.  

Our logo, which features an H with a raised bar that carries through to the R and E, speaks to the way we are consistently raising the bar and the impact science can have on everyday life. Our inspiration for this was the term “raising the bar,” which comes from high jump and pole vaulting events. Competitors in these events are encouraged to challenge themselves in order to, quite literally, reach new heights. This was the spirit we wanted to aspire to; we’re scientists, not athletes, but the determination to strive for more–for ourselves, our clients, and our world–is something we have in common.


Hurdle Logo - Full Black


Our palette speaks with confidence and expertise. White and Warm Gray act as canvases, allowing colors to speak with bravery and confidence, diminishing uncertainty. Our pop of Bright Orange exudes excitement, immediacy, acceleration, creativity, optimism, and illumination. Navy is trustworthy, honest, loyal, stable, and powerful. Charcoal and Black are colors of maturity, excellence, depth, and elegance. These colors combined give us the sleek, tech-focused look we’ve been wanting while also conveying our key messages. We chose colors that communicate both enlightenment and steady, consistent progress.

Our new design is marked by particles, representing the endless knowledge that can be accessed through biology, and linework which show the efficient results-driven processes we put into place to utilize this wealth of information. These two design elements are key for us; they show the endless possibilities of biology information and the streamlined processes by which we make it available and accessible. Though graphically simple, they portray two key concepts and highlight what is most important to us: the science we utilize and the processes by which we deliver results. 

The faces of Hurdle are those who will benefit the most from our mission: everyday people whose lives will be impacted and improved by greater access to all that biology can do. In increasing availability of this technology and knowledge, we create a measurable positive impact: early detection for health problems, improved nuitrition, balancing hormones, starting families. This is our impact, and we aim to continue to facilitate these precious moments and ensure many more in the future. 

Faces of Hurdle

Hurdle’s purpose centers on our belief that biology is brimming with untapped knowledge just waiting to be realized. Hurdle exists to build systems that unlock the full capabilities of biology and empower organizations worldwide to remove barriers to growth. 

Our Message

We created the industry’s most comprehensive diagnostics-as-a-service platform for one reason: to overcome barriers to accessing biology. Hurdle’s product aids in every step of the diagnostic process: lab coverage, logistical support, easy UX, sample collection, delivery of results, and more. We’re working to create a world where biology can easily be accessed through tech and software: new cell therapies, custom printed organs, hyper-customized treatments, and other incredible innovations.

Whether your organization needs to digitize outdated processes or customize your product offerings, Hurdle is ready and able to help companies overcome any obstacles in their path. 

We’re so excited to finally show off our new brand and its full product capabilities. Excited to learn more about Hurdle and our mission?