It’s never been easier to test for Biological Age

Biological age testing is an increasingly important tool in modern healthcare, helping providers better understand their patient’s health and identify areas where lifestyle, environmental or pharmacological interventions can be made to improve overall health outcomes. 

Epigenetics are still the most accurate way to quantify human ageing and a powerful tool for preventative healthcare. That’s why the team at Hurdle is proud to offer a new biological age testing product to our B2B partners.

Epigenetics made more accessible

One of the most significant benefits of our testing product is its affordability. Using a proprietary array that looks at the necessary part of a patient’s DNA methylation profile (epigenetic markers), we can significantly reduce the cost of testing by 80% while still delivering accurate and reliable results. This makes our testing more accessible to a broader range of patients, particularly those who may not have had access to these technologies.

In addition to its affordability, our testing product has been designed to be integrated seamlessly into our partners’ existing workflows. By offering our testing via API and a fully custom-branded user interface, we can provide patients with a more personalised health experience while improving overall satisfaction with the healthcare provider. This, in turn, can help to build stronger patient-provider relationships and improve patient outcomes.

Scalable population health management

We’ve designed our testing to be scalable across multiple territories, enabling healthcare providers to test large numbers of patients quickly and efficiently. This can be particularly valuable for healthcare organisations focused on population health management, as it allows them to identify risk factors across a broad patient population and implement evidence-based interventions that work at the molecular level. This can ultimately reduce the risk of developing age-related diseases (such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, type II diabetes or neurodegenerative disease), which can have a profound ROI on patient health and the healthcare provider.

In conclusion, biological age testing is a valuable tool that healthcare providers can use to improve the health outcomes of their patients. At Hurdle, we’re committed to delivering affordable, accessible, and scalable biological age testing solutions to our B2B partners. Contact us today to learn more about our testing product and how it can help you deliver better patient care. Welcome to a new era in consumer epigenetic testing!

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