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NHS in Need: Steps for Pharmacies to Rapidly Integrate Primary Care

Tuesday December 6th 2022, 7:30pm GMT

Webinar Overview:

The NHS has announced their ten-year plan: a £4.5 billion initiative to turn pharmacies into hubs for primary care. According to the plan, pharmacists within the networks will “find and treat people with high-risk conditions”, such as high blood pressure, through NHS Health Check. The government has pledged to make greater use of pharmacists skills and opportunities to engage and educate patients. 

Evidence suggests that pharmacists integrated into primary care can improve patient outcomes and satisfaction. But how should pharmacies rise to meet this challenge? Join Hurdle and Pharmacy London CEO Amit Patel for a webinar on how pharmacies in the UK can expand their services to reduce the burden on the NHS. Join for a presentation on how organisations can implement new services, increase care access, and aid their communities. 

You'll learn:

  • How the NHS Pharmacy Integration Programme could impact pharmacies across the UK
  • Services and products necessary to meet care demands 
  • Benefits of integrating primary care
  • Ways to implement new products and services in order to become a hub for primary care 


Amit Patel - CEO, Pharmacy London

Amit Patel has years of experience managing large scale transformation across health care, for Private and NHS bodies. He has held senior roles for NHS London and Health Education England and CCG’s, such as managing the London School of General Practice and the School of Public Health.


Currently, Amit is the CEO of Pharmacy London, CEO of Merton, Sutton and Wandsworth Local Pharmaceutical Committee and also CEO of Croydon Local Pharmaceutical Committee.

Charles Ball - Chronomics Cofounder

As a commercial co-founder of the world’s leading biotech company, Charles Ball has spent his career expanding companies and developing their suite of clients. He worked as a Senior Sales Negotiator at Peter Ball & Co. before becoming its Chief Operations Officer. Then, in 2017, he became a co-founder of Chronomics Ltd., the parent company of Hurdle.


As Hurdle's Senior Commercial Manager, Charles Ball has seen the company from its infancy to a multi-million dollar enterprise capable of providing diagnostics at scale.

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