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Remote Testing: New Avenues of Revenue Growth for Diagnostic Labs

Webinar overview:

The rise of remote healthcare has opened new paths to meeting care needs. Doctors are once again making house calls, but through video conferencing software. This change has completely revolutionized modern healthcare. It’s no surprise that these remote capabilities have begun to extend to one of the most important pillars of medicine: diagnostic testing.

Diagnostics are the basis for 70% of medical decisions. Labs process a wide variety of health tests every single day: COVID-19, flu, blood panels, urinalyses, etc. Many laboratory networks experienced massive, unexpected growth due to the onset of the pandemic. Accurate, rapid test processing became paramount. Now, as the pandemic volume dies down, laboratories are looking to remote diagnostics to open new avenues for growth.

Join CEO of Unilab Julio Cortes and Hurdle’s Commercial Director Randy Erspamer for a recorded presentation on ways laboratories can leverage remote diagnostics to increase processing volume, revenue, and improve efficiency.

You'll learn:

  • What remote diagnostics is and how to implement it
  • New avenues of revenue generation through at-home testing
  • How remote testing can improve process efficiency
  • The benefits and barriers to remote diagnostics


Julio Cortes - CEO, Unilab

In 1988, Julio’s father Dr. Cortes started a lab called Unilab of Dade. The lab expanded and Dr. Cortes’s own son Julio began to take on a partnership role in the lab.


The phrase ‘family business’ has more than one meaning for Julio E. Cortes, now President and owner of Unilab. At Unilab, they produce the highest quality test results, coupled with the best level of customer service in the lab industry. With over 33 years of success, Unilab is the go-to laboratory for the infertility community, as well as physicians throughout the company’s expanded statewide, national, and international service areas.

Randy Erspamer - Commercial Director, Hurdle

Randy is a double graduate of Central Michigan University. After spending seven years in the US Air Force, Randy transitioned back into the civilian workforce as a Senior Sales Executive for Abbott Laboratories, Molecular Division. His experience in the medical industry eventually led him to Hurdle, where he joined the team as a Commercial Director for the US. He’s an expert in all things growth and account management, and works to bring easy access to biology to all organizations.

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