The Next Generation of Blood Self Testing

Blood Test Just Got Sexy

New medical device companies are shaking up blood self-testing, and we’re excited to announce we have launched our new customizable at-home blood kit containing the innovative Tasso+ sample collection device. We’ve been following Tasso for many years, and were thrilled when they received CE and UKCA marking for sale in Europe and the UK late last year. Regulatory approval comes at a timely crossroads when consumer health companies are booming, and with a broadening market for blood testing comes an increase in people expressing uneasiness about using the ubiquitous finger-stick kits.

The Tasso+ device itself has a compact design that follows the principle of most vacuum capillary sampling devices. It uses a spring loaded lancet and an in-built vacuum to draw blood out of the capillaries and into a collection tube. The revolution is being able to sample from the much less sensitive area of the upper arm, allowing for a much better user experience. 

Our Tasso+ powered at-home blood collection kits can support the usual full range of anticoagulant tubes, and come with Hurdle’s slick white labelled kitting service, dashboard, and biomarker panel creation service that our customers love. This means any business can easily plug in diagnostics testing without the fear of losing customers to the ‘ick’ factor of finger stick lancets.

Hurdle partners with and supports diagnostics innovators like Tasso to bring the latest advancements in health testing to as wide an audience as possible.