National reach for our in-clinic phlebotomy!

Following our successful initial launch earlier this year, Hurdle continues to innovate in healthcare diagnostics with the expansion of our in-clinic phlebotomy services. These enhancements are designed to provide comprehensive care and meet the growing demand for accessible, high-quality diagnostic services across the UK.

Expanding In-Clinic Phlebotomy Services

Our in-clinic phlebotomy services are central to our strategy for enhancing diagnostic capabilities. They provide essential support for a broad range of health assessments, crucial for accurate and comprehensive health diagnostics. This expansion ensures patients have access to professional phlebotomy services when more detailed blood analysis is required.

The Role of Hurdle’s Platform

The Hurdle platform supports these expanded services by enabling seamless appointment scheduling and integration of diagnostic results, which are essential for efficient operations and enhanced patient care. Our technology ensures that all services, whether in-clinic or at-home, are interconnected, providing a cohesive and integrated diagnostic experience.

Geographic Expansion and Accessibility

With the establishment of over 50 clinics across strategic locations including London, the Midlands, Home Counties, and the South of England, and plans for over 150 more clinics as part of our UK expansion, Hurdle is committed to making professional diagnostic services accessible to all. This expansion aims to support both urban and rural communities, ensuring that high-quality healthcare is a reality for every patient in England.

As we continue to advance and expand our in-clinic services, Hurdle remains dedicated to enhancing the quality and accessibility of healthcare diagnostics. We are grateful for the continued trust and support from our partners and the communities we serve, as we work together to improve healthcare outcomes across the UK.

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