Improving accessibility to whole genome sequencing

Powering Health and Research

Our genomics assay services are designed to enhance both consumer health and corporate health assessment services, as well as support research in academic and biotechnology settings. With Hurdle’s industry-leading diagnostics-as-a-service platform, our partners enjoy seamless access to plug-and-play genomics testing.

Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS)

When the human genome was first published, it marked a new era of personalized medicine. However, cost remained a barrier for both biomedical research and individual access. Now, WGS is increasingly incorporated into medical pathways to guide treatment and diagnose underlying pathologies, particularly valuable in diagnosing rare diseases. In consumer health, WGS offers the most comprehensive data source for health and wellness insights, allowing continuous updates with new discoveries.

Global Sequencing Array (GSA) Technology

GSA technology is a high-throughput platform used to genotype significant genetic variants. Commonly employed in genome-wide association studies (GWAS), GSA arrays are efficient and cost-effective for processing large datasets, making them ideal for large-scale population studies. They are the preferred analysis method for consumer health companies offering genetic insights, such as nutrigenetics or ancestry composition.

DNA Methylation (DNAm) Arrays

DNA methylation arrays are a novel tool in the consumer health space. Epigenetics, popularized by biological aging biomarkers and pioneered by Hurdle, involves control switches that regulate gene expression, changing over time due to aging and external influences. DNAm holds great promise for creating powerful disease biomarkers, integrating environmental and lifestyle factors with genetic backgrounds. Hurdle leads the industry in epigenetics research and product development, delivering cutting-edge self-testing products.

Shotgun Microbiome Analysis

Shotgun microbiome analysis rapidly sequences all genetic material in a microbiome sample, offering a comprehensive overview of microbial diversity and functions. Recognizing the microbiome’s role in health and disease—from gut health to skin, oral, and genital microbiomes—has highlighted the essential interactions between humans and their microorganisms. Measuring the microbiome provides actionable health insights, with ongoing research discovering new interactions and implications for wellbeing.

Future Genomics Offerings

This is just the beginning of genomics services accelerated through Hurdle. We will soon launch further cutting-edge services to meet global needs. Hurdle’s genomics platforms are available for commercial and research partners alike. Contact our partnerships team to discover the best solutions for your needs.