Hurdle Enhances B2B Diagnostic Offerings with Consumer Genomics Through Partnership with OmicsEdge

Hurdle, a leader in biomarker infrastructure solutions, announces a strategic partnership with OmicsEdge to integrate consumer genomics into its extensive diagnostic capabilities. This collaboration enhances Hurdle’s existing genomics and multi-omics capabilities, providing B2B customers with advanced tools for personalized healthcare.

By leveraging OmicsEdge’s cutting-edge genomic technologies, Hurdle now offers detailed consumer genomic reports as part of its diagnostic suite. This new feature enables healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies, and wellness businesses to deliver tailored health insights and recommendations based on precise genetic analysis.

SelfDecode, known for its personalized health analytics, is the first customer to benefit from Hurdle’s enhanced platform. Utilizing the expanded capabilities, SelfDecode can now offer more detailed health recommendations, which integrate DNA, lab results, and environmental factors.

“As an established leader in multiomic digital health, Hurdle is an ideal partner for OmicsEdge.” said Joe Cohen, CEO of OmicsEdge: “We’re excited about the power of combining our respective AI-driven health solutions to offer truly revolutionary advancements to our partners in the health tech industry.“

“Partnering with OmicsEdge has added consumer genomics reporting capabilities to our platform, enhancing the solutions available to our B2B customers,” said Dr. Tom Stubbs, CEO of Hurdle. “This continued expansion is crucial in our ongoing mission to advance precision healthcare, and enables us to provide our clients with increasingly sophisticated tools for assessing health.”

About Hurdle

Hurdle, a brand of Chronomics Inc., is a leader in biomarker infrastructure solutions. The platform manages end-to-end biomarker events in research and in-market settings. The platform fundamentally handles the technology, operational, informatics and AI layers needed to deliver biomarker events. Increasing access to and actionability of biomarkers for customers across sectors including healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and agriculture. Hurdle’s technology simplifies this complexity globally, making it an indispensable tool for organizations aiming to improve health outcomes and accelerate research and development. The platform supports the full lifecycle of biomarker diagnostics, from development to implementation, streamlining processes for organisations in pharma, R&D, healthcare, virtual care and more. For more information or to discuss potential collaborations, please contact [email protected].

About OmicsEdge:

OmicsEdge is a pioneering bioinformatics company dedicated to empowering organizations to build precision health products. It integrates AI with genetic data to offer innovative solutions in genomics and precision wellness. With a team of top-tier scientists, engineers, and health professionals, OmicsEdge sets new standards in personalized medicine, enhancing the capacity for comprehensive health analysis and intervention. OmicsEdge