Enhancing Test Result Accuracy: The Power of Automated Checks

In the realm of medical testing, ensuring the accuracy of test results is a non-negotiable imperative. However, the challenge of maintaining precision, particularly at scale, has long caused challenges for laboratories worldwide. At Hurdle, we recognise the critical importance of addressing this issue. Through the implementation of advanced automated checks, we’re changing the landscape of test result accuracy, offering our customers a solution to this complex problem.

The prevalence of inaccuracies in test results poses significant challenges for both healthcare providers and researchers. Inaccurate results not only compromise patient care but also undermine the integrity of scientific studies. Recognising these concerns, we’ve invested in a comprehensive system of 15 automated checks designed to detect and rectify potential errors combined with a manual review process in case any of the checks fail.

A fundamental issue facing laboratories is the sheer volume of result reporting inconsistencies encountered on a monthly basis. Our advanced algorithms and stringent checks effectively mitigate this risk. We are now stopping 1,000s of reporting inconsistencies from reaching our clients every month.

Our automated checks address a wide range of factors critical to result accuracy, including the presence of all required biomarkers, verification of patient details, ensuring sample integrity and checking the values and reference ranges against those initially provided by labs. By automating these processes, we eliminate the possibility of human error and significantly reduce the likelihood of inaccuracies.

Moreover, our system goes beyond ensuring accuracy to prioritise efficiency. Through the enforcement of Service Level Agreement (SLA) checks at every stage of the workflow, we guarantee timely processing and delivery of results. This not only enhances customer satisfaction but also facilitates informed decision-making based on reliable data.

Our implementation of automated checks represents a paradigm shift in the biotech industry. By tackling the customer problem of inaccuracies at scale, we’re empowering healthcare providers and researchers with dependable data. With Hurdle, customers can trust that their test results are not just accurate, but professionally validated, enabling them to make informed decisions with confidence and clarity.